Programme | Montessori Education for Social Change



You have a special opportunity to meet the new innovative approach to aged care and the improve quality of life of people living with dementia by using principles that echo the Montessori philosophy. Experienced foreign lecturers and trainers will share their own knowledge and practical experience with you. 

The most frequently discussed topics and questions will include:

  • How can Montessori principles be applied to aged care?
  • What does a Prepared Environment in aged care look like and how does it differ from the classrroom?
  • What are the strenghts of a person living with dementia?
  • How can you recognise memory systems and how can we use these to enhance quality of life?
  • How do we understand strenghts and needs and how can these help determine care strategies?
  • How do we recognise dementia, its types, disease trajectory and how can we best support our elders to live with dignity, independence, choice and meaningful activity?


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