Friday 4 PM | Montessori Education for Social Change


FRIDAY 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

SELF The basis for peace

Patricia Spinelli
Observation as a help for the child’s discovery of his own potential
Kathy Minardi
Leadership: It’s in every one of us
Mary Ellen Maunz
Exploring parallels in thought: John Amos Comenius and Maria Montessori
Annie Stone
The child as a natural designer and the painting easel as a Montessori aid to life
Bill Conway
Your Montessori school is the perfect place to create a culture of service

OTHERS The family and education for peace

Raniero Regni
The polarization of attention and the mass distraction weapons
Erica Moretti
Montessori’s early writing on rehabilitation for displaced and refugee children
Christian Grune
Reinventing Montessori organisations
Barbara Luborsky
Empowering Montessori teachers to create inclusive environments - part 2

SOCIETY The agents of social change

Michael Waski
The needs of a Montessori high school
Kira Donnelly
Math seminars: Teaching problem solving to educate the human potential
Kannekar Butt
The king and us and the social change
Aicha Sajid
Sowing the Montessori passion in the cradle of life, Africa
James Webster
When seeking the “intimate vocation of Humanity,” ask the adolescent questions whose answers are not yet known
Margaret Broz
The city as the prepared environment for the adolescent
Peter Hesse
Montessori for the most deprived: Lessons learned from thirty years in Haiti

UNIVERSE Peace and ecological unity

Kathleen Taylor
We feel, therefore we learn
Ingrid Stange
Montessori2030 - Being part of the solution - a holistic approach
Hillary Korir
Corner of Hope and beyond


Angela Murray
Montessori researcher panel discussion