Poster Session | Montessori Education for Social Change


Poster Session

Friday 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

The Research Poster Session is being planned and organised in cooperation with the American Montessori Society (AMS) and big thanks belong to Angela Murray the poster session coordinator.

Angela Murray

American Montessori Society
New York, USA

Dr. Murray is Senior Researcher and Coordinator for the American Montessori Society as well as Assistant Research Professor at the University of Kansas. She presents regularly at professional conferences including the AMS Annual Conference, Critical Questions in Education Conference and NAEYC Annual Conference. Her publications include articles related to Montessori education as well as the transition of young adults with special needs from high school into adulthood. She is the founding editor of the Journal of Montessori Research.

Poster Presenters

Janet Bagby
Entreprenuerial characteristics and Montessori Education
Beata Bednarczuk
Developmental value of Montessori school`s environment in the reflection of graduates
Karen Bennetts
The Montessori leader
Katie Brown
Creativity in Montessori programs
Barbara Caprara
The influence of Montessori philosophy on contemporary approaches to outdoor education
Brook Taylor Culclasure
A study of Montessori education in South Carolina’s public schools
Carolyn J. Daoust
Evaluating an assessment tool for Montessori fidelity: Preliminary findings
Kathleen Evans
Examining the culturally responsive teaching self-efficacy of teacher candidates in Hawaii
Iwona Franczak
Social mobility and transferable skills in public conventional and Montessori elementary schools
Tamae Fujiwara
How to support new Montessori teachers at the beginning of working in preschools in Japan-from the viewpoint of social psychology
Steven Hughes
Growth of executive functions in Montessori: Exploring a “dose effect” in children from diverse economic backgrounds
Steven Hughes
Congruence between self-reported educational goals, values, and actions of Montessori teachers: Do Montessori teachers put their values into action?
Anne Jones
A natural history of repetition
Maria McKenna
Environmental stewardship and sustainability education: Pathways to peace
Maria McKenna
Mission driven Montessori education: Cultivating place and pedagogical fidelity
Elisabeta Negreanu
Peace in human condition and social reconstruction
Laura Saylor
A comparison and analysis of a current educational framework for differentiation and Dr. Montessori's writings
Tracey Sulak
Homework policy in Montessori schools: A follow-up study
Justin Tosco
The effects of technology on student engagement and retention among upper elementary Montessori students
Rossella Turco
Montessori teachers in Europe: Profiles and identities between tradition and transformation
Kumiko Yoshitake
Psychological process of new Montessori teachers with three years of experience in preschools and how to support them