Saturday 2 PM | Montessori Education for Social Change


SATURDAY 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

SELF The basis for peace

Susan Mayclin Stephenson
Montessori and mindfulness
Christine Harrison
Strategies for trauma awareness and resilience
Michael Dorer
The cosmic plan in story and song
Vibhuti Jain
Formation of will and inner discipline in the first three years of life for a better society

OTHERS The family and education for peace

Jacqueline Hendriksen
From their homeland to the Netherlands: Montessori with refugee children
J. McKeever
Working together to support child
Mario Valle
Scientist and father: My journey from ignorance to Montessori enthusiasm
Michelle Lane-Barmapov
Empowering Montessori teachers to create inclusive environments - part 3

SOCIETY The agents of social change

Benedict Moudry
Self-expression is central to the adolescent work
Adolescents from the Prague Adolescent Summit  
Adolescent entrepreneurship for social and environmental change: Presentations from the Prague Adolescent Summit (PAS)
Michael Bagiackas
Nature-based rites of passage for the Montessori adolescent
Patricia Pantano
Peace is the road: A 16 year journey of adolescents and adults on a New Mexico erdkinder
David Kahn
From sustainability to peace: Essential unifying knowledge from childhood to adolescence

UNIVERSE Peace and ecological unity

Geoffrey Bishop
Nature the first and essential environment
Catherine Holmes
Introducing Montessori in a remote Indigenous school
Gail Cresswell
Mowanjum Aboriginal culture supported in early learning context


Judi Orion
Become a change agent by training Montessori teachers