Saturday 4 PM | Montessori Education for Social Change


SATURDAY 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

SELF The basis for peace

Hope Leyson
Montessori education and the diversity-inclusion pas de deux
Karin Slabaugh
The “cosmic task” of birth to three
Vishwas Parchure
Play for peace

OTHERS The family and education for peace

Victoria Marshall-Cerins
Preparing the environment for childbirth
Joachim Dattke
Empowering Montessori teachers to create inclusive environments - part 4
Gena Engelfried
Supporting inclusivity and growth: Working with the parents of special needs students
Melita Kordes Demsar
Creative ways to help parents of elementary-aged children understand and support their children better

SOCIETY The agents of social change

Cynthia Castiglione
Technology in the prepared environment for the third plane child
Kathleen Guinan
A Montessori approach to inter-generational learning: An experiential model for policymakers
Connie Carballo
First Montessori public sector kindergarten of South America is in Argentina (and their teachers are AMI trained)
Steven Hughes
Self-construction of a moral agent
Ana Camila Jimènez Borbolla
Cuentepec: A love story between Montessori Adolescents and the indigenous population in Mexico

UNIVERSE Peace and ecological unity

Margaret Strickland
Montessori based gardening in a food desert to help create food security
Irena Mitrovic
Montessori education – a pathway to environmental awareness
Tessie Schjetnan
Gratitude and responsibility – human being as an agent of creation


Monica Salassa
Montessori peace academy: Education of citizens committed to peace and acting for peace
Montessori Adolescent Programme Inspiration
Back to the Future! Returning to Montessori’s texts to create a new wave of Montessori Adolescent Communities