Friday 2 PM | Montessori Education for Social Change


FRIDAY 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

SELF The basis for peace

Anne Kelly
Montessori & Dementia - a perfect match
Molly O'Shaughnessy
Outreach to diverse communities
Sue Pritzker
What do I do now? 
Alyssa Conklin-Moore
Exploring Parker Palmer's 'five habits of the heart' to enliven our role as Montessorians
Helena Kosková
Way of council - power of the circle

OTHERS The family and education for peace

Joyce Pickering
Empowering Montessori teachers to create inclusive environments - part 1
Alison Awes
Supporting moral development while navigating the digital age
Karissa Lightsmith
Creating Montessori families
Elina Rautasalo
Cultivating character: Lessons of vintage Montessori for the 21st century teacher

SOCIETY The agents of social change

Helen Mohan Elias
Montessori without boundaries
John McNamara
How the Montessori philosophy meets the (psychic) needs of the (new) young adolescent
Judith Cunningham
Montessori stepping stones towards peace
Katy Myers
Developing adolescent agency in an urban public Montessori secondary school
Angeliki Yiassemides
Montessori education in Cyprus, the last divided country in Europe
David McNees
The masks we wear: Role identity and adaptation in the adolescent

UNIVERSE Peace and ecological unity

Diana Dimitrov
Autonomy and peace with command of foreign languages in the Montessori environment
Rosemary Quaranta
What is social imagination: Nature, art and play
Alexandre Mourot
Let the child be the guide


Sharon Damore
A model for facing government roadblocks to authentic Montessori
Jacquie Maughan
Educateurs sans frontieres: Transcending borders, changing the world through Montessori education