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Q: What is a poster session?
A: The rate at which scientific and technical information grows continues to increase. Congresses provide a mechanism to facilitate the rapid communication of ideas in the form of poster presentations. These sessions provide an informal forum to report innovative research projects, introduce new resources, or test ideas of interest to a certain demographic. The 2017 International Montessori Congress is pleased to offer a poster session as part of its programming.

A poster presentation is not simply the pasting of a scholarly article on a poster board and then defending its findings to people interested. It is, instead, a “...well-designed, eye-catching, and engaging... display of research or scientific information.” The poster should convey the results of research activities as to promote the scientific achievements of the poster’s presenter. In a nutshell, a poster abstract advertises your research. It combines text and graphics to make a visually pleasing presentation.

Q: What information is included in a poster?
A: A poster session is an opportunity to present yourself and your research to an audience, to make contacts, and get useful feedback. There will be considerable competition for the audience’s time; you’ll need to capture their attention and communicate your message quickly and succinctly. A successful poster presents you and your work clearly and professionally; it encourages the audience to stop to discuss your work with you, and gives them the opportunity to take any detailed information that you’ve prepared as a handout.

Q: How should I format my research?
A: Keep it simple. Once your research is complete, list all of the points that you want to convey, and put them in the order of importance. Try selecting only three points as the focus for your poster. Remember that this is a format to give a quick overview of your research and to encourage viewers to stop to talk with you. Plan on limited text and strong images in the poster. Provide deeper information in a well-written handout. If a viewer only remembers one thing from your display, what should it be?

Q: How do I design my Poster?
A: We suggest using an online poster template and design service, like www.posterpresentations.com, for their user-friendliness and professional printing quality. If you have access to a college or university print shop, free or reduced pricing for poster preparation may be available.

Q: Am I required to attend the Congress if my poster is selected?
A: Your inability to attend the Congress will not adversely affect your submission. You are encouraged to take advantage of the unique educational and social offering the Congress provides.